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What to Expect

When you arrive at the Honeoye Falls United Methodist Church you will be greeted with a smile. 

All of our greeters are willing to hand you a bulletin, say good morning and help answer any questions you might have.  Once you have arrived, others might come and say hello and welcome you to our space of worship.  

Our services are filled with joyful and meaningful music, accompanied by our Eastman School of Music Graduate Joe Blackburn, as well as a special time of music each week with our Bell Choir.  Our congregation welcomes people of all ages to remain in the services while we worship, but we also have a nursery where you may allow your children to go to play during the service.  Each Sunday our pastor engages with our children during a children's message teaching them the basics, and asked questions of how they see Jesus working in their lives, and how God helps us bring others to know the Lord.  

If your children would like to participate in Sunday School, we have that opportunity at 9:15am for both children and youth prior to our church service.  And Holy Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month or at special worship services.  

Each week our Pastor will bring a personal, Spirit filled message to the congregation.  Often reminding us how we are to be serving in the world, and making disciples of Jesus Christ.  Reminding us that our God is with us at all times, that we have received God's grace far before many of us knew who God was in our lives.  We join together not only in worship but also in study, by offering small group studies throughout the year, to help us grow in our relationship with Christ and to lean into the grace that comes alongside us.  

When you come to HFUMC, you become apart of a special family. One who will pray for you, love you, and fully include you and your family.